Copy-Pasting texts, images, files, folders is the most important part of our workflow when working on Desktops / Laptops! Though, we have successfully developed a habit of sub-consciously pressing the keyboard shortcuts— Ctrl+C (to copy), Ctrl+X(to cut) and Ctrl+V (to paste), actually performing this task of copy-pasting several times and at the same time switching tabs using (Alt+Tab) can be daunting!😢

While this article isn’t about a way to eliminate the copy-paste feature, it is indeed about making the process a bit, less-daunting!. So, let’s get started with this article to make Copy-pasting tasks in our lives easier!


  1. A Desktop / Laptop running at least Windows 10
  2. Eagerness to learn and a working mind! 😇

Clipboard History in Windows 10

Before I start with the How-To, let me explain this new feature that was introduced in a later build of Windows 10! It was ‘Clipboard History’. In short, if this feature is turned on, your computer will temporarily record every single thing that you Copy / Cut! You can then view and cycle through those

copied items in a chronological order inside that Clipboard History! You now know what this feature is all about! But, how to incorporate this in your ‘actual work-flow‘? That’s what we’ll learn next!

How to ‘Efficiently’ use the Clipboard History feature?

First, How to turn it On?

There are 2 ways:

1. Simply use the shortcut, (Windows+V). On the mini windows that appears next, just tap “Turn-on”. Done!

2. Go to Settings > System > select ‘Clipboard’ from the categories to the left > Turn on the ‘Clipboard history’ Switch. Done!

Now, What follows next will be a simple scenario involving basic copy-paste clubbed with the clipboard History feature!

Make sure you’ve fitted this shortcut key (to trigger Clipboard History) in your mind. Let’s repeat it 5 times just to be safe!






Done? Let’s finally start!

Let’s take a scenario where you need to copy-paste some data from one file to another

The first figure shows the data and the second the form!

Normally, what would we do to fill this form?

  1. Copy the data from “Field A”, Switch windows (Alt+Tab), and paste it in “Name
  2. Copy the data from “Field B” Switch windows (Alt+Tab), and paste it in “ID Card”
    and so on…
How we normally copy-paste!

As you see, you need to switch tabs (Alt+Tab) every time to copy-paste data! Windows clipboard History helps to eliminate this step (which is performed multiple times) entirely!

Here’s how copy-pasting using Clipboard History:

  1. Copy the data from “Field A”, “Field B”, “Field C”, and so on!
  2. Switch Windows
  3. Press (Windows + V), select the data to be pasted in Name, ID Card, Address and Repeat!
    Once, you get the hang of it this process definitely feels faster (as you don’t need to find texts to copy multiple times as you’ve done it right in the first time!
I preferred this method once, I started getting the hang of it!

Clipboard History works with images too!

You know what’s so cool about this clipboard in windows? It works with images too!

To do this, Simply open any image in your computer, right click and tap “Copy”, the images can then be selected and pasted anywhere and in any order since, they are now in the clipboard!

Here’s my clipboard history where I’ve copied several images-

Pin and Delete items from the Clipboard History!

You can even pin items which you frequently copy-paste for easier access. Pinned items will stay in this window even after a restart! You can delete items too from this clipboard history!

Cross-device Clipboard syncing

If enabled this from the clipboard settings, you can copy-paste items between devices, say copying items from your computer and pasting it onto your phone! (for it to work on your phone, you will need this keyboard app called “SwitKey” which is again owned by Microsoft!)

You can set up clipboard syncing right from the settings itself there!

Hope this helps!

I tried my best to cover explain the current “workflow” problem and how Clipboard History is solving it! Still, if you have any queries! Please feel free to reach out to me or just leave a comment below! I’ll be more than happy to help!

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