Honestly! I was confused about on what would I would write next! I already had Infinity and Relay for Reddit in my (‘apps to-review’) list, but, was undecided as to which one to pick! After a while, it just struck me, “Heck! Write on both of these!”. So here I am presenting you 2 apps which, after doing a lot of trial and error of trying out Reddit apps, in my opinion are the best apps to stay on if you want to browse Reddit!

What is Reddit?

Reddit (The term formed from the words ‘Read it!’) is a social media forum with the concept of communities (known as a ‘Subreddits’ OR ‘subs’), front & center. Members post their content there (text, images, videos, links, etc.) which is left for other members to upvote / downvote (like / dislike).
Also, the users there are mostly anonymous (It is completely normal, nothing like something shady or ‘dark-web’ kinda) which is a major factor as to why it is so popular!

If you’ve been living under a rock, I should tell you that Reddit is one of the most popular social media websites— To even the extent that if something’s happening in the world, there is a very high probability that it’s been already posted by someone on Reddit FIRST!

Heard of the GameStop fiasco wherein, just one fine day, its stock price skyrocketed on 29 January 2021? It was due to few members of the r/WallStreetBets subreddit motivating the few millions of the members of there to buy that stock!😂. So yes, Reddit is indeed a happening and a fun place to be!

The Reddit apps – Infinity and Relay!

But, why to use a 3rd party Reddit apps?

It is a well known fact that Facebook and Instagram’s mobile apps are blatantly bad! The why on earth are we using them? Because, we have no option!

Even Reddit has its mobile app. Not that it is bad but, it’s not that great either! But Reddit (unlike Meta) has allowed the world to make 3rd party browsing apps to browse their website. Hence, the reason that 3rd party Reddit apps exist!

Because some of these apps offer a good browsing experience, naturally people flock to these! In fact, there are many Reddit apps— Boost for Reddit, Apollo, Slide for Reddit, Sync, Baconreader, Joey for Reddit, etc. and of course, we have Infinity and Relay for Reddit too! Let’s dive in!

Relay for Reddit

Developed by “DBrady“, this app has been an all-time favorite app among many Reddit users. This app has been on the Google Play since 2011 (that’s more than a decade now!). Things that make this app standout from other apps is its interface coupled with beautiful transition animations across the app + heavy focus on using gestures! (Oh! I liked the app’s media player too… it is always satisfying to use!)

The app even offers tons of customizations to change the browsing feed and the way you interact with the posts. The app also offers features like using Volume buttons to scroll through the comments section. While theming options are limited, the overall experience of using the app more than compensates for it!

While the app’s interface has more or less remained the same since quite a few years (By no means I will call the app’s UI “dated”. It is still one of the best apps which is beautiful in design!), the developer quite in active in pushing updates to the app to fix some bugs and issues faced by users here and there.

The app is free to download on android, but contains ads (which are completely uninterruptible!). Still, if you wish to continue supporting the app’s development, you purchase the ad-free version of the app for ₹50 !

The only thing that don’t like about this Relay is that it doesn’t support uploading videos directly from the app. You have to first upload it on imgur.com and then copy-paste it’s link into the app in order to post videos 🤷‍♂️

Infinity for Reddit

This is a relatively new entrant when compared to the veteran above (Relay for Reddit). Launched in September 2019, this app has gained quick popularity because of its modern interface and active development! Infinity is a no nonsense Reddit browser which offers everything you would want in a Reddit app. Add to that a modern interface updated with current industry trends, the app developer has thrown everything into this app! The app doesn’t have those beautiful transitions as Relay, but these simple transitions provide a snappy browsing experience!

The app too, has tons of customizations settings (but way, way more than relay), from customizing the navigation bars to post layouts, fonts, everything is customizable at unbelievably granular levels! Like Relay, even here you can use Volume buttons to scroll through the feed and the comments section!

While the theming options on Relay are limited, on Infinity they are literally Infinite! I first went into that sections, and I was easily overwhelmed! Literally, I don’t think there is anything that you can’t customize in Infinity’s theming engine! The app even support Android 12’s ‘Material You’ theming system, wherein the app automatically changes themes based on your device wallpaper!

Just look at that granular level customization that the infinity if offering; all this for free!!🤯
(& these are not even complete screenshots!)

Infinity for Reddit is shockingly completely free to download on android, with no ads or no In-app purchases!

So, now?

You know it’s time to end the article when you see such vague headings. Nevertheless, this is true! It’s time to end!

So, I put my opinion— I use both of these. Both Infinity and Relay are installed on my phone and In use any of them whenever I wish! Yes, before trying out Infinity, Relay was my go-to client. Hehe! But now I have 2!😁

Download links for both of these apps are there at the end of the article!😁

Special mentions— Reddit apps for iOS devices

Both Infinity and Relay are available for android only. But, here are 2 apps in particular which I found to be good as per my usage!

These are Slide for Reddit and Apollo for Reddit!. While I personally liked Slide, iOS users in general enjoyed apollo for more. With that being said, both apps are no slouch and are anyway better than the official Reddit app!😂 You can download Slide here and Apollo here.

Are you aware of any app that you want me to cover for my reviews? Just DM me on Instagram, Twitter or shoot me an email on letsconnect@appsaware.in

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stay aware, stay appy 🙂

Relay for Reddit (Free version)

Relay for reddit
Relay for reddit
Developer: DBrady
Price: Free

Relay for Reddit (No-ads)

Relay for reddit (Pro)
Relay for reddit (Pro)
Developer: DBrady
Price: $3.99

Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for Reddit
Infinity for Reddit
Developer: Docile Alligator
Price: Free


friendly Ghost · February 24, 2022 at 6:40 am

Thanks for the review. I personally used Relay as my main reddit app and I also avail the Pro one. Infinity was also nice tho and the good thing is that it is free. I also like Sync as I found its UI to be very neat but the pro version seems a bit of pricey.

Prajjwal P. · February 24, 2022 at 10:47 am

Even I primarily use Relay! (But have kept Infinity too though!). Speaking of Sync, I’m not really a fan of it!🙄

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