I really like when some beautiful single purpose app are launched on the app stores (still, apart from some apps, though). Sunny Side is one such app! (this write-up is gonna be real short (Trust me!)

What the app does?

Just one thing! The app shows you the UV Index of your current location (or you can enter the location manually!) in a big bold number right in the center of the screen like this👇 (and potential UV Index values for the next 2 days beneath it).

Now, what the hell is “UV Index”?

So, I am no science student, but, Ultraviolet (UV) Index is a standard of measurement used to indicate the strength of the UV radiations in a particular area on a particular day/time. Excessive exposure to Ultra-Violet rays can cause sunburns and even skin cancer!

Higher the value, higher is the risk from UV rays

Source: World Health Organization

Hence, it is important to protect your eyes and skin in areas where UV index is high.

Coming to Sunny Side again…

Because there are risks in high UV Index locations/times, the app also offers suggestions for precautions that should be taken while stepping out or suggests you times when you shouldn’t step outside in sunlight! Look how the app recommended me to wear sunglasses or to apply SPF 30+ sunscreen at different UV index values! 😁. These responses are standardized based on the UV Index value actually.

The app also has widgets. All the 3 widgets that the app provides do the same job— Tell you the UV Index value in your location! Sweet!

That’s it! the app does nothing else! Why I liked this app is because of its simplicity, the bold color choices, and a no frills design + it’s free with no ads and just works!😅. Also, the value in the centre resonates the clock on the lock screen of android 12 devices 😂

Isn’t it similar?!😆

That’s it for today! Download link for Sunny Side is in the end of this article!

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Sunny Side - UV Index
Sunny Side - UV Index
Developer: Tobiano Apps
Price: Free
Categories: DesignUtility


Ishika Kapadia · March 3, 2022 at 11:26 pm

You are so detailed 👏👏
Keep it up Prajjwal 🤩
I am definately downloading this app 👍

    Prajjwal P. · March 4, 2022 at 10:15 am

    Thank you so much Ishika for your feedback!
    So, glad you liked it! 🤩

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