We all love drafts, Seriously! Reason? It allows us to take a step back and re-think if the content we’ve currently typed is right, wrong, are there any typos or is the tone correct, etc. We use drafts generally in (and probably only in) emails! But but but… you might’ve also come across this situation-

Now… We’ll move a step ahead of this! What if you really want to send that deleted text. Now the problem is you’ll have to re-type it. “I should’ve saved that text! 😭” So, to solve, these and similar kind of difficulties, we have Typesave— Typesave is a system-wide text-logger for android that keeps track of all text you type on your phone! Typing while texting, searching, whether consciously or subconsciously! This app tracks it all!

Your Real time Typing / Drafts tracker

Whatever you type is recorded real-time in Typesave. All these texts /drafts are accessible on opening the app. You can search text app wise or by using the app’s search option too!

What I really like even more about Typesave is that you can go “back in time” to check the text you were typing, which you erased and then re-typed! All is just accessible with just a simple slide on the slider beneath! I don’t know why and how, but Typesave often separates the text you’re typing in one session into different History items inside the app! But, anyway, at least all history is right there!

Other Features in Typesave

Typesave has other features too, such as customizing the time for which these drafts are stored on your device. You can customize it to auto-cleanup the data after 2 days till 1 year; you can also set it for ‘never’ to be deleted! Typesave also offers flexibility to toggle-off text logging for apps of your choice! For example, you can turn logging off for apps where you record sensitive information. The app also has a clipboard manager which lets you manage multiple copied items from within the app. This feature does not work on android 10 and above though due to restrictions built by android.

One more thing is that Typesave is Privacy friendly. The text being logged is completely stored on device and is not sent anywhere! So you have some peace of mind there!

Use Typesave with care ⚠️

Though, the app’s core feature is a boon, it is also a bane in disguise! This app logs everything you type. Text-logging for every app is enabled by default! So, please make sure that you turn off logging for apps where you usually type any sensitive content, such as banking apps, password managers, personal journal, messaging apps, etc. Else, if not turned off, the app may even log your passwords, card details, PINs, passcodes, etc.

While this data is stored locally, anyone getting access to your phone can open Typesave and gain access to this data. To counter such risks, the app has an app-lock feature too, which relies on your device biometric lock to open the app! But, still why to take such risks!

So, again I’ll repeat, use Typesave very cautiously and with care!

Typesave is available on android at a cost of ₹130 ($2). Download link is in the end of this article!

So, that’s it from my side— All about Typesave covered!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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Typesave - System Draft Mode
Typesave - System Draft Mode
Developer: Unknown
Price: $1.99


Amrit Porwal · March 10, 2022 at 8:30 pm

Appsaware making life simply simple for all. Keep it up.

    Prajjwal · March 10, 2022 at 8:36 pm

    Thank you Papa! ❣️

Shyamsunder Dhanuka · March 12, 2022 at 12:22 am

Great App with good features built in considering the sensitivity and confidentiality.

    Prajjwal · March 12, 2022 at 10:59 am

    Yes indeed it is! 🤩

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